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Frelic is running

Registered webmasters: 558
Monitored backlinks: 51000
Last backlink monitored on
14 Nov 2014 09:23:44 UTC

What is Frelic?

Frelic is a webmaster tool that controls the status of your link exchanges. Our robot periodically checks if your link partners still keep your link in their website. So if one of your (webmaster) partner remove your (reciprocal or purchased) link you will be quickly informed.

How does it work?

Add the URLs containing inbound links to your web site and our robot will check their status (active or not found). If a webmaster has deleted your backlink you will have the chance to be informed by email or by visiting your account (as you wish).

How much does it cost?

It is completely free, but we ask for a link to Frelic.

How often does your spider check the status of my backlinks?

We monitor them everyday.

Do I need to download any software?

No, because Frelic is a online web service.

Should I submit manually my backlinks?

No, because Frelic will find them on the web and then will add them on your control panel.

Are you able to monitor backlinks on any kind of website?

Yes, except for flash websites and javascript links.

What does Frelic stand for?

It stands for Frelic Reciprocal Link Checker, but you can call it as inbound links checker.

Who are you?

We are an internet company that has to manage several websites. We used to check our backlinks manually, but then tired to waste all that time we decided to create a web service that could monitor our link exchanges. Now such tool is available to everybody.

To see how it works you can login with username test and password 123456.

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